After Sandy – Watching birds, waiting for the power to come back

We were without power for just over seven days after Sandy hit New Jersey.  There were so many things we couldn’t do without electricity, but at least we could still watch birds!

All of our year-round residents visited, undeterred by the weather.  Visiting Pine Siskins ganged up to empty our feeders in less than a day, chasing larger competitors away.  Even a female Purple Finch stopped by, and Juncos and White-throated Sparrows returned for the winter while the power was out.  Cedar Waxwings swooped in twice, eating any fruit they could find.

The slide show includes the species that were willing to pose for us, and our cat Henry, doing quality assurance on each and every heat vent after the power returned.

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2 thoughts on “After Sandy – Watching birds, waiting for the power to come back

  1. Marvellous photos, Mary Ann. Those aspects of life untouched by the power outage definitely took on additional value… Wrist watches, barbecues, and yes very much the bird feeders and birds!
    Lovely blog entry!


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