Love Nature?

Welcome to The Natural Web! 

Do you enjoy watching birds and butterflies visit your yard or property?  Would you like to increase the number and diversity of these lovely creatures that you might see every day?  You can, if you provide them with the plants that offer the food and shelter they need. 

Over many centuries, birds, butterflies, bees, moths and other critters have evolved together with plants in such a way as to develop mutually beneficial relationships that enable them to survive.  As a result, many bees, butterflies and birds have special preferences for specific plants.  

A plant may depend on a particular bird or insect to provide pollination or seed dispersal services necessary for the plant species to survive.  In return, the plant may reward its partners in reproduction with the food that they need to survive in the form of nectar, pollen, berries, seeds, or leaves, or with a safe place to nest. 

This blog is dedicated to exploring, understanding and enjoying the plants and critters who surround us, and the intricate connections among them, and with us. 

Mary Anne Borge is a naturalist, writer, photographer and speaker, living in New Jersey.  She finds the natural world endlessly fascinating.  The writing and photographs on this website are hers, unless otherwise noted.


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